Monday, September 10, 2012

Construction Paper Jack-O-Lantern

Here's a template I made for you to make your own construction paper Jack-o-Lanterns.

Cut out 1 Large Pumpkin piece, 2 Mediums pieces, 2 small ones, and 1 top.  Glue the medium pieces on either side of the back of the large piece, then the 1 small piece next to one medium and the other on the other side.  Glue the top at the top of the large pumpkin piece OR make long green winding vines and add lots of leaves.

To make a Jack-O-Lantern cut out triangle, square, and circle shapes for the eyes and nose and a crescent piece for the mouth.  I didn't make any template pieces for this part because there are so many different ways to do this part, it's really up to your imagination.

This is a great project for kids that may not be old enough to carve pumpkins or for parents who aren't so keen on the idea of chopping up pumpkins.

These make great cards, party invites, or decorations you can save or scrapbook later. 

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