Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flower Pot Pens

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Here's a really cute and cool project I came across when I went to my OB/GYN today--flower pot pens!  I never noticed, but on all the reception desks at my clinic there is a vase with fake flowers in it--these are actually PENS!  How pretty!  Little flower vases are definitely more attractive then a mug full of pens (and flower pens are probably a lot harder to swipe too haha).  My clinic is all about visual aesthetics so it's no surprise that they even try to make something as mundane as a pen to sign in look more beautiful. 

Anyway, after I left I wanted to do this on my own, so I looked up "flower vase pens" on Google and found this really helpful tutorial!  Check it out! It has picture instructions to make it easier, but the process is pretty simple.

All you need is pens, floral tape, fake flowers, and a vase or something to put them in (that's the part you can really get creative).

They do a real good job at explaining so here are some alternative/additional ideas that I had:
- Don't stop at just a few flowers, make a whole beautiful bouquet with feathers, swirly sticks, glitter twigs, or whatever florists call those things.
- Use your floral pens as a way to bring colour into a room or dress up your desk.  Use complimentary colours.  Have blue walls?  Use orange or yellow flowers.  Have white walls? Use bold colours!  Dark room?  Use bright colours!
- Try using the realistic silk flowers to make it look like you always have fresh flowers (some silk flowers look sooo real, I actually had a silk flower bouquet for my wedding so I could keep it forever <3)
- Add a fairy pen, butterfly, or some sort of bug to the mix for a secret surprise.
- Make decorating the pot, vase, or jar a fun project for the kids!
- Instead of flowers use fake leaves or leaves with berries to create a little potted pen bush.
- Or try other different types of flora to create various different types of pen plants.
- Instead of buying fake flowers make your own out of tissue paper or fabric.  (Don't know how, Google or YouTube "tissue paper flowers" or "fabric flowers,"  Maybe one day I'll do my own tutorial haha....)
- Change your pens with the seasons; roses in the summer, holly berries in the winter.
- If this is your personal desk, use other desk stuff such as a white out pen, a pencil, an eraser (a pencil taped backwards), a black pen, a blue pen, highlighters, permanent markers, color pencils, etc.

I'll add more ideas as I think of them!  I can't wait to try this out myself!

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