Friday, September 7, 2012

Magnet Fishing

Here is a fun activity you can do with kids of varying ages (I'd say anywhere from babies to preteens, after that you might be pushing your luck).

Magnet Fishing!

This is actually an idea I got from watching Little Bill on Nick Jr. with Julian.  My husband and I are in the process of bringing in new furniture and rearranging our house so I haven't been able to try it out myself.  So, when I get around to doing this with Juju I'll be sure to share some pictures of our fun.  Or at least draw some pictures haha.

So here's what you'll need:

- A box or a fishbowl or some kind of container to act as a the fishing spot, it can be clear if you want to see the fish inside--or it can be opaque if you want it to be a surprise (for a surprise I'd say make sure there's lots of things to catch in there so you'll actually get something.

- Construction paper or colorful card stock for the fishes.

- Sticks and string for rods

- Magnets--you can take the magnets off of old magnets you don't use anymore or you can cut up those flat free magnets restaurants hand out with their menus on or you get a free events.  That's what I'll be using.  Make sure these magnets are strong enough to stick together though because sometimes they're kind of weak.  If all else fails you can buy magnet backs at office supply and craft stores.

- (optional) metal paperclips as an alternative to using magnets for either fish or hook (but not both)

- Glue

- Tape

- Scissors

- Markers, crayons, glitter, and whatever else you want to use for decorating.

- (optional) sand or marbles to put at bottom of tank

And here's what you do:


- Tie string around end of stick.

- Cut out a hook shape from two pieces of construction paper.
- Glue hook pieces on either side of the string so it is stuck in the middle
- Glue magnet piece on hook.


- Tape, glue, or tie on piece of magnet (maybe cut in the shape of a hook) at the end of the string.


- Tie a paperclip to the end of the string (do this only if you're using magnets for the fish--and if they're STRONG)

Fish tank

- (optional) Decorate the outside of your tank to look like an underwater or beach scene.
- (optional) Put sand or marbles in tank and maybe a figurine or two to decorate.

When everything is done, have fun fishing!


I added pigtails to my mermaid but you can cut out any hairstyle you like.

Here are some templates I made that you can print out and use to cut out your fish.  I also made one for a mermaid and octopus.  Feel free to use these templates for any under-the-sea projects!  You may alter and share these to your liking (please keep my link though or at least link back), but you may not sell these templates!  You can, however, sell whatever you make.  Fair? :)

- Cut out fish shapes (for some more fun add in an octopus or mermaid or two)
- Decorate
- Glue magnets on the mouths of the fish.


- If you're using really strong magnets you can glue the magnets on the inside of two pieces of paper so the magnets won't be seen.


- If you have a strong magnet hook clip paperclips on to the mouths of the fish either by just sliding them on or punching a whole and looping the paperclip on.

Please check out my hub for tips on how to make this game more fun.

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